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How to Deal With Pregnancy Alone When Your Husband Gets Deployed

When you’re new to pregnancy and your husband is called for deployment, you really need to prepare yourself emotionally. You’re going to be dealing with all these hormones, so the loneliness can so easily turn into severe depression and anxiety. Here are tips to help you deal with this situation:

Get a friend or family member to stay with you

You really don’t have to spend the entire duration of your pregnancy alone. Reach out to family members and close friends and ask some of them to accompany you in this trying time. Cooking for someone is always better than sulking alone with the dishes from last week still in the kitchen sink.

Find a fun thing to do and turn it into a hobby

Loneliness is even more heightened if you’re bored out of your wits. It’s easier when you keep yourself busy at work, but when you’re pregnant, you don’t really have that option. As an alternative, it’s a good idea to look for a hobby. Whether it’s gardening, cooking, or doing arts and crafts, you’ll find yourself enjoying your maternity leave and pregnancy more.


Going through a part of your 9-month long pregnancy alone can be extremely difficult, even more if it’s because of your husband’s deployment. Sure, you’re going to rake in a ton of spousal benefits, such as housing, employment, food, and health insurance; but the real price to pay here is facing most of your married life physically alone and of course, the underlying fear of losing your husband in battle. These tips will help you turn this situation around in no time.