Communicating with Your Family During Deployment: Things to Consider

It’s tough being away from your wife and kids–let alone, experiencing loneliness with limited means to communicate with them during deployment. Even if you’ve managed to thoroughly discuss deployment, talk things through and set a few rules and strategies to cope with the separation easier, you never really know what kind of conditions and limitations you will get to experience once you’re finally deployed. Here are things to consider:

Limited Communication Provisions

During deployment, there are very limited means of communication, especially when you want to keep in touch with your loved ones in America–but bear in mind that limited is still better than none. Some areas and duty stations will have internet access, which is why some service men choose to bring their own personal laptops to take advantage of this provision. If you have internet access, communication will be a breeze. You just have to be careful, though, because otherwise social media can seriously compromise your security

Difficulty in Keeping Schedules

Setting a specific time for communicating with your family may or may not be a good idea. When you’re on deployment, you don’t really get much say in your activities. While there may be provisions for personal time, you’ll never know when a crisis will arise.

The key to maintaining a healthy relationship is communication. Since it is loads more difficult to the military families, the trick is to just make the most out of it. Forego negativity, and just talk to each other with as much love as you can give, even for just a limited time.

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